Case Studies

As part of the GBVC mission to increase the understanding of the needs of our
local veterans, we publish learnings that we've collected during our summits.    



In September 2016, the GBVC met to discuss issues in education that are impacting today’s student veterans. We heard from institutions that are providing dynamic opportunities for veterans on campus to be successful in transitioning home and building their skill set. Speakers included not only representatives of programs on the campus of our host UMass Boston--specifically, Veterans Upward Bound, Student Health Services, and the student veterans organization--but also representatives from VA VITAL, North Bennet Street School and Northeastern University.


Justice involved veterans

During our July 2016 GBVC Summit, the tenth since our inception in January 2015, we discussed the interplay of issues related to bad conduct discharges and justice-involved veterans. Our affinity group discussions encouraged group members to reflect on their organizations’ policies, challenges and solutions to these issues. With the exception of some organizations navigating grant compliance requirements, the policy of most organizations involved was to serve veterans regardless of discharge status, with the exception of some with grant compliance requirements and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


At our June 2016 GBVC Summit, each affinity group broke into a small group discussion of challenges commonly experienced across organizations. They were encouraged to pick one as a case study and then brainstorm solutions that might be implemented by all. Below are some notes from these exchanges.