Slack is the digital workspace that powers our organization, bringing all the pieces and the people into one place so we can get things done. Slack is a free and easy way to keep in touch with the community through direct and group messages, and to leverage the resources in our network by posting to everyone subscribed to a particular channel.

Many GBVC participants use slack to collaborate with other participants, share our events and ideas, ask questions, and engage in discussions. Slack also has great mobile apps and desktop integration and notifications, making it easy to connect to everyone on the platform any time.We organized the channels to reflect our varied focus areas and organizing teams: 

  • Resource and focus groups, including #advocacy #community #education #employment #healthcare and #legal channels
  • Organizing channels, such as #steering-committee and #summits
  • Shared interest channels, such as #general and #events

To join slack or ask questions about it, please send an email to If you're new to slack, learn more here!