From the Veterans Service Officers in our cities and towns, to VA-accredited attorneys and representatives, and the Veteran Service Organizations advocating for legislation and benefits, we have a shared affinity for empowering veterans to receive benefits they need when they need them and ensuring that systemic issues and gaps in services are noticed and addressed.

Key topics

  • Increasing awareness of the benefits, programs, and opportunities veterans and their families are eligible for

  • Encouraging strong follow-up and direct referrals

  • Increasing the use of benefits, programs, and opportunities available to veterans and their families by centralizing access

  • Referring veterans and their families to veteran service officers for assistance with state and federal benefits claims

  • Legal services and Access to Justice initiatives

  • Discussing policy priorities, systemic issues, unmet needs, and developments

Organizations aligned in our Policy and Advocacy Resource Network include government agencies at the local, state, and federal level, as well as non-profit organizations advocating for veterans and providing supportive services.