The Steering Committee is a group comprised of cross-sector representatives of our veteran service organization community that provides strategic direction for the Collective Impact initiative and champions its work. It was proceeded by the Core Team, which came together before the GBVC ever had a name, 

Key topics

  • Develop and refine Common Agenda for change, include problem, goal(s), and guiding principles
  • Identify and use data to inform our decisions
  • Track progress of work using agreed-upon indicators
  • Make connections between working groups to ensure coordination and efficiency
  • Interact with the backbone/core team on strategy, community engagement, and shared measurement.

who's involved


Co-Chairs: Bob Notch & Jamie Grossman

  • Facilitate the evolution of the GBVC Common Agenda
  • Publish the GBVC Roadmap

Membership: Christopher Feugill

  • Maintain list of all active and past members
  • Collect RSVPs for events and record attendance

Outreach: David Hencke

  • Broadcast events like summits and special meeting

Research: Rachel McNeilL

  • Publish case studies from themed summits
  • Keep GBVC informed of veterans research

Technology: Sean Horgan

  • Maintain GBVC technology assets


  • David Wu
  • Christopher Feugill
  • Giselle Sterling
  • Leroy Ashwood
  • Mike Dunford

The members-at-large are responsible for attending steering committee meetings, providing feedback on the Common Agenda, and supporting special tasks throughout the year. 

Get involved

If you'd like to get involved in the Steering Committee, you can send an email to boston@collaborate.vet.

A subset of the Steering Committee meets weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm to plan our summits. Anyone is welcome to join: http://bluejeans.com/6175003423