We created a shared Greater Boston Veterans Event Calendar using Tockify to help promote and keep track of all of the military, veteran, and family focused events happening in the area. We try to keep the calendar updated by periodically scraping the web for your event listings, but we encourage you to submit your events!  Just click on the dates in the calendar below to see what's happening.

A topic of conversation that has come up frequently at our summits is the need for a central place to promote and learn about relevant events happening locally. This calendar is our effort to meet that need. If you'd like to embed the calendar on your own website – just add this generic html code where you want it to appear:

<div data-tockify-component="calendar" data-tockify-calendar="greaterbostonvets"></div>
<script data-cfasync="false" data-tockify-script="embed" src="https://public.tockify.com/browser/embed.js"></script>

For a mini calendar like the one embedded above, just replace the word calendar with mini.